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Youths Participating in Program organized by TSN
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This website will provide information about Tanneri Samuha Nepal an NGO working for the betterment of lifestyle of People living in Nepal.
What is Tanneri Samuha Nepal?
Tanneri Samuha Nepal is a group of youths with the passion for social service. It was about 11 years ago when the people were witnessing the democratic activates.

We also had participated in the revolution to restore the democracy though we were very young, most of our friends were just touching teenage. But what we realized was it was task to involve in development activities of our own villages rather than directly involving in politics.

This thought brought a group of youths living in Chitlang and some in the Kathmandu from Chitlang in the common place and the emerged as Tanneri Samooha Nepal - an service oriented organization.

News and Events
Tanneri Samuha Organized Meeting
Tanneri Samuha Nepal has organized meeting in Chitlang VDC of Nepal with general people to understand their problem and also to take some steps to solve those social problems.
Updated: Saturday May 20, 2006
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