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Brief History of Tanneri Samuha Nepal
Human being, a social creature cannot go away from society. The relation between an individual and a society is so close that the change in society can not be kept apart from its single member. This reality, always keeps the human being to think for society and to bring some positive changes in the society they live in.

Local Youths participating in
program organized by Tanneri
Samuha Nepal at Chitlang VDC.
But it is not always possible to same the society in which he/she born. Because of lack of opportunities of education and job, most of the youth of rural Nepal have to go far from their community in search of better opportunities. This tendency has left many village youth less. So villages are not getting contribution of youths which has kept them back on the paces of social changes.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned reality, the youths in Kathmandu from Chitlang VDC gathered and realized that, though it was not possible to live in village 30 days a month but if one rushes each can manage 1 or 2 days in a month to some the village, as well as they can manage activities that can bring some changes in village with motto to extract and sharpen local skills and knowledge for development of village, a group of youths which socially constituted students, was formed and named it PARIBARTAN KO LAGI TANNERI SAMUHA (Group of Youths for Change, Nepal) in 2053 BS and got registered in Kathmandu Chief District Office in 2054 BS.

News and Events
Tanneri Samuha Organized Meeting
Tanneri Samuha Nepal has organized meeting in Chitlang VDC of Nepal with general people to understand their problem and also to take some steps to solve those social problems.
Updated: Saturday May 20, 2006
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